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Prescription medications are medications that can only be disbursed with a written order from a doctor. Usually, a doctor’s office calls in this type of medication, or the patient takes the written order to a local pharmacy so they can fill it. However, it’s not always convenient to wait for a doctor’s order or go into the pharmacy, and that’s where buying prescription medications online comes in.
Still, is it safe to get medicine online? Is it legal? If you’re considering filling a prescription from the comfort of your home, follow along as we discuss the safety and legalities of buying prescription medications online.

Are Online Prescription Medications Legal?

Like many things, getting your medical prescriptions online is legal if the site you are using is safe and regulated and if the prescription comes from an actual doctor.

Unfortunately, there will always be scam artists who are willing to take your money for prescription medications that aren’t safe and possibly not even the drug you are asking for. It’s essential to use a reputable online doctor and pharmacy.

The Benefits of Buying Prescription Medications Online

Anytime you don’t have to leave your house to get something accomplished, it is a good thing. People love convenience, especially if they aren’t feeling well and need their prescription medication filled. Let’s look at the many benefits of buying prescription medications online:

The benefits of online prescriptions are many, and it’s often a great service. Still, there are risks as well.

The Dangers of Buying Prescription Medications Online

With the good comes the bad. Although there are reputable online pharmacies and doctors you can speak with about a prescription online, plenty of fake pharmacies sell inaccurate medications and offer services from online doctors who aren’t genuinely medical professionals. Sadly, these types of scams prey on people who can’t afford their medications or have no insurance, and anyone who wants to make getting their prescriptions easier. Let’s look at the dangers of buying prescription medications online when you aren’t confident you can trust the internet-based pharmacy.
You might receive the wrong medication, an improper dose, or a drug that can harm you.
Incorrect diagnoses if speaking with a doctor or someone posing as a doctor online.
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Expired medications or drugs made in a country or facility with lower standards.
The difficult part is that it’s sometimes hard to know if you can trust the site you are visiting. The first thing to do is to go with your gut. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is. There are some warning signs you can watch for when checking out an internet-based pharmacy.

Deep Discounts

As mentioned, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You should be suspicious if a medication usually costs thousands of dollars and the online pharmacy offers it for only $20.

There is no Prescription Required

It’s a huge red flag when the service tells you not to worry if you don’t have a prescription from a doctor. A legally run pharmacy will not hand out prescription medication without an order. At Diet Pens, a prescription is mandatory for ordering medication. 


No License

A quick way to see if you can trust the pharmacy is to ask to see their license. In the U.S., a legally run pharmacy is licensed federally and by the state board of pharmacy from which it operates.

Strange Packaging

A safely run pharmacy will ensure that the packaging for its medications is secure. Don’t accept medication from a pharmacy that shows up in a tattered or smashed box. Also, check for expiration dates and packaging written in a foreign language. These are danger signs. Diet Pens uses specialized packaging with their shipping

Safety and Legality

The Medicine Doesn’t Look Right

If you usually receive your medication from a local, trusted pharmacy and are switching to ordering online, be sure to compare the medications when the new one arrives. It’s wise to be suspicious of drugs that don’t look the same as what you were taking before.

No Staff

People often have questions about their prescription medications. If the online pharmacy you are working with has no staff and, more importantly, no licensed pharmacist to answer questions and help you, don’t order from them.
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Sell Your Information

This can be tough to catch; however, if you suddenly receive solicitation from another online pharmacy or any other suspicious activity and spam calls, there’s a good chance the unlicensed pharmacy sold your information.
A trusted online pharmacy will inform you upfront that your information is protected, and you will notice disclaimers and safeguards put into place to clarify that. If nothing is protecting your data, do not trust the pharmacy.

Mysterious Charges

Check your bank statement if you ordered from an internet-based pharmacy and are feeling unsure about it. If it is a scam and they have all your banking information, you might see charges for things you never ordered.

How To Order Safely Online

After seeing all the warnings and dangers of ordering prescription medications online, it’s easy to wonder if it is worth it to buy prescription medications online. Thankfully, when you have a clear understanding of the risks and what red flags to watch for, you can quickly weed out the bad pharmacies and turn to the ones that are safe and legal. Look for the following traits in an online pharmacy to ensure the safest transaction:
You can safely order prescription medication online when you look for the necessary information.

Online Pharmacy vs. Pharmacy Online

You may hear the terms online pharmacy and pharmacy online used interchangeably;
however, it’s essential to understand the differences between the two.

Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy is only online. They are sometimes called mail-order pharmacies since the prescriptions arrive in the mail after ordering. A few well-known and reputable online pharmacies work with insurance companies, are licensed, and trustworthy. Recognizable names, such as CVS own some online pharmacies. Trusted online pharmacies are safe to use and can often offer exceptional discounts on prescription medications. They work together with insurance companies and medical offices to bring patients safe and affordable drugs that arrive to their doorstep quickly.


Pharmacy Online

You may have a local pharmacy that you enjoy; however, there are times when you’d prefer not to leave the house to get your medication. The pharmacy online is different than an online pharmacy since it is an extension of a physical pharmacy you may already be familiar with. Many local or large-scale pharmacies with physical buildings now offer online services. These pharmacies online fill website orders at the physical address of the pharmacy. For example, a local CVS might have an online service where you can order from home using your written prescription and then pick up the medication at your CVS pharmacy at your convenience. Using a pharmacy online is most convenient when refilling a prescription already in the pharmacy’s system.
In conclusion, ordering prescription medication online has many pros and cons. Although it is incredibly convenient to get your medications filled online, there are plenty of issues to look out for to protect your health and your bank account. Watch for the warnings, and don’t settle for an online pharmacy that makes you uncomfortable.
When you understand the safety and legality of buying prescription medications online, it’s easier to find the best online pharmacy for you and your loved ones.
When in doubt, speak with your doctor’s office about finding the right pharmacy for your specific medications and location.

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