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If you have refills left on your prescription on file, we’ve streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible.

Here's a step-by-step guide

1. Sign In/Login to Your Account:

• To begin, sign in to your DietPens.com account using your registered email address as your username.
• If this is your first time purchasing prescription drugs through us, don't worry! You can also click on the provided link to create a new account effortlessly.

2. Click on "RE-ORDER Products" Button:

• After signing in, locate and click on the "RE-ORDER Products" button on our website.
• This action will direct you to a convenient list displaying your previous orders that are eligible for refill.

3. Click "RE-ORDER"::

• Find the specific order you wish to refill from the list of eligible orders.
• To proceed, simply click on the "RE-ORDER" button located next to your desired order.

4. Complete the Easy Checkout Process:

• Follow our straightforward step-by-step process to complete your refill order.
• Provide any necessary information as prompted during the checkout process.
• Take a moment to review your order details for accuracy.
• Once everything looks good, confirm your order, and you're all set!

At DietPens.com, we value your health and convenience. Our user-friendly platform and efficient ordering process aim to make reordering prescription refills a breeze. If you ever have questions or need assistance at any point, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you.

Thank you for choosing DietPens.com for your prescription needs. We are committed to delivering a seamless experience while ensuring your health and wellness are a top priority.

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