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    Trulicity® (Dulaglutide)


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      Trulicity, a medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, comes with a boxed warning about the risk of thyroid C-cell tumors, including medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC). This warning is a serious directive from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Patients using Trulicity should be aware of the symptoms of thyroid tumors, such as a lump in the neck, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, or persistent hoarseness.

      The medication is contraindicated for individuals with a personal or family history of MTC and for those with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2). Additionally, patients who experience elevated serum calcitonin levels or have thyroid nodules detected should seek further evaluation from an endocrinologist.

      Apart from the thyroid tumor risk, Trulicity's use may be associated with other adverse effects. Pancreatitis has been reported in clinical trials, so patients are advised to watch for symptoms like severe abdominal pain. In case of suspected pancreatitis, the use of Trulicity should be discontinued promptly.

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      Trulicity® (Dulaglutide)


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      Dr. Aaron L Wiegmann (MD, MS)

      Active Ingredient:Dulaglutide
      Warnings:Possible thyroid tumors, including thyroid cancer
      Drug Type:GLP-1 receptor agonist
      Used For:Adults with type 2 diabetes
      Administration:Subcutaneous Injection (once weekly)
      Available Strengths:.75mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 4.5mg
      Storage:Refrigerate your pen, but do not freeze it. The pens can be left at room temperature, not exceeding 86°F (30°C), without refrigeration.
      Manufacturer:Eli Lilly

      What Is Trulicity?

      Trulicity is a drug that’s available by prescription only. It’s only available as the brand-name medication, as there aren’t any generics. The drug itself is called dulaglutide. This off-label use is effective in helping people with obesity to lose a few more pounds than with diet and exercise. This medication is made to help people with diabetes to have better levels of blood sugar. It’s used with a healthy diet and regular exercise to treat the condition. It’s also used for reducing the risk of heart problems like cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

      Dulaglutide is part of a drug class known as glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists, also known as GLP-1. It’s a liquid medication in a disposable pre-filled pen and dispenses just one dose. It can be dangerous for type 2 diabetics to have blood sugar that isn’t well-controlled. This is a medication that can help them to lower their blood sugar so that it doesn’t damage their bodies. Using this medication can help people with diabetes not only have a lower risk of death from heart disease, but it can also keep them from getting blindness, damage to the kidneys, the loss of limbs, nerve problems and pain, and sexual problems.

      Trulicity Cost & Coupons

      A 0.5 mL pen injector of 1.5 mg/0.5 mL of Trulicity costs an average of $1,299 in cash. Subcutaneous injections of Trulicity are administered once a week. Starting doses range from 0.75 mg to 4.5 mg per week. The cost of each weekly dose is about $325 for patients without insurance. The cost of Trulicity for an entire year could exceed $15,500 at that rate.

      At Diet Pens, we offer Trulicity pens at a fraction of the cost. When you buy Trulicity from Canada, you will receive the same Trulicity that you would receive from your local pharmacy. 

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      How Does Trulicity Work?

      There is a natural hormone in the body called incretin that causes the body to release insulin when blood sugar gets high. It also causes your liver to release less sugar. Dulaglutide is very similar to this hormone, and it has the same effect on the body. Trulicity pens lowers A1c levels by binding itself to the GLP-1 receptors located in the beta cells of the pancreas. This causes these cells to release more insulin to lower the level of glucose, sugar, in the plasma of the blood. It also reduces the patient’s A1c levels by reducing how much glucagon is secreted. This keeps stored glycogen from being converted to glucose.

      Trulicity injections also delays how long it takes the stomach to empty after eating a meal. This can keep glucose from being absorbed so quickly by the body. This helps keep blood sugar lower, but it has another effect on the patient. Because it slows down the rate of the stomach emptying, it keeps people feeling full for much longer after they eat. This leads them to eat less, and weight loss is the result. Studies have shown that this medication can cause patients to lose three to five pounds. If a patient is also taking metformin, the average is five pounds. For people who struggle with their weight, this can be a helpful boost as they try to lose weight.

      Trulicity Side Effects

      There is a wide range of side effects that patients may have from taking Trulicity. Many mild side effects can occur, or you may get more serious side effects. The severe effects are much more rarer than the mild effects that many people have when taking Trulicity.

      The side effects of this medication are tracked by the FDA, as are all side effects of approved drugs. Nausea is one of the most common found side effects of this medication. Patients may also experience vomiting, belly pain, a lack of energy, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite, and stomach upset. For many people, these side effects don’t last long. They may go away after a few days to a few weeks. If your side effects don’t go away, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about them and determine whether you need a different dosage.

      The severe side effects are often ones that you need to report to your doctor. Having severe side effects isn’t very common for those who use and buy Trulicity, but they can happen. Depending on how severe the effects are, you may need emergency medical care. These side effects can include kidney damage, severe problems with digestion, hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, and a higher risk of getting thyroid cancer.

      Digestive problems are one of the most common side effects. 31.6% to 41% of patients who take this medication will get this problem. The higher the dose of Trulicity injection, the higher the chance of getting this side effect. Digestive problems can include diarrhea or constipation, nausea and vomiting, bloating, dehydration, abdominal pain, fatigue, having no appetite, and more. It can also cause patients to have severe diarrhea that goes on for more than a couple of days. The same things can happen with vomiting. If you have these side effects, your doctor may determine that you need a different dosage or medication altogether. You might also need to take another medication besides Trulicity to help with the symptoms.

      It’s also possible to have an allergic reaction to Trulicity. This is rare, with only 0.5% of people having this effect during clinical trials. The reaction may be slight, with a few mild symptoms. It can also be severe, with symptoms so serious that emergency medical is needed. When people have mild allergic reactions to this medication, they often get itchy areas or a rash. They may also start to flush; that is, their skin can turn red and feel hot. If these symptoms occur, your doctor needs to know right away.

      If you have a severe allergic reaction to this medication, you may have some swelling under your skin. This can happen anywhere, but it’s most common in the hands, feet, and eyelids. You may have swelling in your throat, tongue, or mouth. You could even have trouble breathing. A severe reaction can also cause your heart to beat quickly, and you could feel dizzy and even faint. If your symptoms are severe, especially oral swelling or trouble breathing, you may need to call 911 for quick emergency care. While these effects are rare, it’s essential to know what to look for in case of an emergency.

      Another possible side effect is to have reactions at the injection site. This is another rare side effect, but it can happen. About 0.5% of people had these reactions in clinical studies. This causes symptoms in the area of the injection. These symptoms can include a rash, pain, bruising, or redness. None of these symptoms are severe, but you may want to inform your doctor that you have them.

      Weight loss is technically a side effect of this medication. However, it’s becoming more popular for its off-label use as a diet aid. It has been clinically shown to help people lose several pounds, and this can help patients who are obese to lose more than they would without this medication.

      If you have questions about Trulicity and its side effects, please ask for a pharmacy consultation

      trulicity side effects

      Trulicity Drug Interactions

      Trulicity can react with several medications. It can significantly affect any medications that are taken by mouth. When you take an oral medication (such as Rybelsus), it goes into the stomach and the intestines, where it’s absorbed. When you take Trulicity, it dramatically slows down how long it takes for food to exit the stomach. When this happens, the oral medication sits in the stomach for a long time and isn’t absorbed as it should be. This can mean that your oral medications won’t be as effective when you take Trulicity.

      Certain drugs can interact negatively with Trulicity. These include albuterol, glipizide, glimepiride, levothyroxine, furosemide, and hydrochlorothiazide. Your doctor needs to know about all medications you take. This includes any herbal supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements.

      Do not take Trulicity with our GLP-1 medications, such as Ozempic or Wegovy

      Strengths & Dosages Of Trulicity

      There are different possible dosages, and your doctor will decide the best one for you. This may depend on specific health factors or how you respond to Trulicity. Usually, doctors begin patients on a low dosage of this medication. Then, over time, they will adjust the dosage until the proper dosage for the patient is found.

      Trulicity pens come in an injectable pen with either of two strengths. These are 0.75 mg of the dulaglutide in 0.5 mL of a solution. The other strength is 1.5 mg of dulaglutide, which comes in 0.5 mL of a solution. The doctor will generally start new patients on the 0.75 mg dosage initially and may increase that later. Each of the pens contains just one dose. Take only what your doctor prescribes for you.

      The dosages used for type 2 diabetes usually start at the 0.75 mg strength. When blood sugar isn’t controlled enough with this dosage, it will likely be increased to the 1.5 mg level. After four or more weeks on this dosage, the doctor may increase the dosage to 3 mg. If it still isn’t working well, it may be increased to 4.5 mg after four weeks or longer of the 3 mg dosage. When doctors prescribe Trulicity for its off-label weight loss use, the dosages are similar. It’s been found that the higher the dose, the more weight the patient loses. When taking 4.5 mg, patients can expect to lose about 10 pounds. This is the maximum dose that is prescribed.

      The Trulicity you buy from Canada will be the same Trulicity you would purchase from the United States. Meaning the dosages and strengths would not be different. 

      trulicity dosages

      How To Use Trulicity

      Trulicity is a liquid medication that comes prefilled in an injectable pen. It is injected at home once a week. You can inject yourself, or you may want someone else to inject you. The medication must to be taken in precisely the way the doctor tells you. Follow all directions you’re given to make sure that the injections are done correctly. The medication is injected one time a week under the skin. To keep your Trulicity levels consistent, take the injections on the same day and at the same time each week. You don’t have to take this medication with food.

      If you decide to change the day of the week that you use Trulicity, make sure that at least three days pass in between your doses. The same is true if you have missed a dose. If this happens, take the missed dose right away if there are at least three days remaining before your next dose. If there are less than three days between them, don’t take the missed dose.

      Your doctor will tell you where on the body to inject Trulicity. It’s essential to inject it into a different spot each time. Avoid injecting it in the same place that you did before. If you experience hypoglycemia after you take it, you may get dizzy, anxious, hungry, shaky, or confused. If this happens, quickly eat or drink something that has fast-acting sugar.

      You can eat candy, drink a glass of juice soda, or you may want to keep glucose tablets that you can take for fast hypoglycemia treatment. These are available over the counter. In addition, your doctor may give you a prescription for a glucagon injection kit. This allows someone in your household to inject you with it in case you have severe, emergency hypoglycemia.

      Never take a higher dosage of this medication than is prescribed by your doctor. Higher dosages will help you to lose more weight, but raising the dosage needs to be done slowly over time to make sure your body adjusts to the medication. When you’ve used one of the injectable pens, throw it away and don’t use it again. It’s helpful to have a container specially made for holding used needles. The pens must be stored in your refrigerator before use.

      When you take Trulicity, it can have several helpful effects on the body, and one of these is weight loss. For people who struggle with their weight, this can be a great kickstart to get them to lose even more weight as they cut down on food and get more exercise.


      That we are! We cater to thousands of Americans!
      Of course! Medication will not be shipped without a valid, matching prescription.
      Definitely! In addition to temperature-sensitive packaging, we use medical-grade gel packs. The services we provide are entirely legal and strictly related to prescription fulfillment.

      Screenshots of online portals are not accepted. This includes online doctors or online pharmacy portals.

      It’s certainly possible! During checkout, please provide the contact information for your doctor and/or pharmacy in our prescription transfer page. 

      That’s right! This is the same exact Trulicity made by the same manufacturer, Novo Nordisk.
      Typically, it takes between four and ten business days.

      Trulicity (dulaglutide) is not an insulin substitute. Beta cells, which produce, store, and release insulin in the pancreas, are required for this procedure.

      People who take Trulicity may lose weight, but it is not a weight loss drug. On average, people lost two to six pounds while taking Trulicity.

      Once you remember that you missed a dose of Trulicity (dulaglutide), inject your next dose as soon as possible. Follow your regular schedule for your weekly dose. You should skip the missed dose if your next dose is due within 3 days, and inject your next dose on the day you are scheduled to inject it. Trulicity (dulaglutide) should not be taken twice within 3 days of one another.

      There is a known side effect of Trulicity (dulaglutide) that is a low appetite. Additionally, some people may experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain, all of which can affect their appetite. In the first 2 to 3 days following taking the first dose of Trulicity (dulaglutide), these side effects may occur. In case you experience any of these side effects, you should speak with your healthcare provider.

      As an addition to metformin, Trulicity (dulaglutide) helps manage blood glucose levels better if you’re taking metformin for Type 2 diabetes. Discuss what combination regimen is best for you with your provider since there are many diabetes medications available.

      There are no generics or other medications that have dulaglutide. However, there are other diet pens, that do have similar functionality. Some of these include Saxenda, Victoza and Mounjaro

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